Price Transparency

Debt Recovery

Our Fee

These costs apply to matters where you wish us to seek to recover an unpaid debt, which is not disputed and where no enforcement action is necessary.

If the other party disputes the debt or defends the claim, further costs will be required and we will discuss this with you at the relevant time.

Further costs will also be incurred if the Defendant does not meet any Judgment obtained and enforcement action is necessary.

  1. Sending a formal letter of claim £50.00 plus VAT
  2. Issuing Court proceedings –
(a) up to £10,000.00 Our costs £360.00 (inc VAT)
(b) £10,000.00 – £50,000 Our costs £480.00 (inc VAT)
(c) Over £50,000.00 1% of the value of the claim (plus VAT)

The costs quoted are not for matters where enforcement action is required, about which separate information will be given, if appropriate.


Disbursements are costs related to a legal transaction that are payable to a third parties.

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Our Service

Our fee includes us taking the following steps:-

  1. Taking your instructions and reviewing your documents.
  2. Sending a letter before action.
  3. If no payment is received, issuing Court proceedings.
  4. Applying for Judgment in default if no defence or acknowledgement of service is received.
  5. When Judgment is received, writing to the other side to chase payment.

If payment is not received (or a payment schedule acceptable to you is not agreed) we will provide you with advice on the appropriate next steps and likely costs.

We would anticipate that it would take 3 – 4 months to obtain Judgment is no defence is filed.  If your claim is defended further costs will be incurred.  You will be advised of these at the time.

If enforcement action is required, this will involve further time and costs, as mentioned above.