Price Transparency


The following information aims to assist clients on the process and projected costs for all conveyancing matters.  We do review our fees regularly to ensure they remain competitive, but it is always advisable to call and obtain an up to date estimate.  The following information is a guide only.


Our Fee

Residential Conveyancing

(Including Auction Sales & Purchases)

Fee (exclusive of VAT)
First Time Buyers price £100 Discount off the usual scale
Re-Mortgage Residential £400.00
Re-Mortgage Buy to Let £600.00
Right to Buy £400.00
Transfer of Equity £400.00
Equity Release £400.00
Sale or Purchase up to £150,000 £500.00
Sale or Purchase £150,000 – £250,000 £600.00
Sale or Purchase £250,000 – £300,000 £700.00
Sale or Purchase £300,000 – £350,000 £800.00
Sale or Purchase £350,000 – £500,000 £900.00
Sale or Purchase over £500,000 0.25% of the price


Additional fixed charges Fee (exclusive of VAT)
Leasehold Title £150.00
New Build Freehold Purchases £150.00
Shared Ownership Purchases £150.00
Help to buy Equity Mortgage £150.00
Declaration of Trust £100.00
Stamp Duty Purchase Return £25.00
Stamp duty Reclaim
(Following sale of previous main residence) £100.00
Telegraphic Transfer Admin Fee £36.00 (incl of VAT)
BACS Transfer Admin Fee £12.00 (incl of VAT)


Disbursements are costs relating to a legal transaction that are payable to third parties.

Disbursements relating to sales

Land Registry documents – from £10 to £50 depending on the property and how many relevant documents there are.

Management information pack for a leasehold sale or freehold (if applicable) to be confirmed by the free holder/managing agent.

Stamp Duty dependant upon each transaction.

Disbursements relating to purchases

Search pack depending upon the area £350.00 – £500.00 (incl of VAT)

Land Registry documents and searches depending on property £10.00 – £50.00 (incl of VAT)

Stamp duty dependant upon each transaction.

Notice of leasehold assignment fee (leasehold only) – variable depending on what is stated in the lease and the requirements of the freeholder/managing agent. If applicable, these will be confirmed when we receive the management information pack.

Deed of covenant and compliance certificate fees – sometimes payable on properties where there is a management company or managing agent involved. If applicable, these will be confirmed when we receive the management information pack.

Disbursements relating to re-mortgages

Search pack – £350 to £500 depending on the area or if the lender will accept search insurance instead, then the cost is likely to be much lower (inclusive of VAT)

Land Registry documents and searches – from £10 to £50 depending on the property (inclusive of Vat)

Land Registry fee.

A notice fee may be payable on a leasehold property as referred to in the list of purchase disbursements.

Disbursements relating to all transactions

Electronic Money Bank Telegraphic Transfer Fees                                                                     £6.00 (incl of VAT)

Please note that the above lists are not exhaustive.


Our Service

Sale transaction fee includes

Preparing and supplying a sales pack incorporating draft contract, title documents and property information forms.

Agreeing contract and transfer documentation.

Answering additional enquiries from the buyers solicitors.

Exchanging contracts and completing transfer.

If relating to a leasehold, obtaining the management information pack and providing it to the buyers’ solicitors.

Purchase transaction fee includes

Considering the sales pack prepared by the sellers solicitors.

Investigating the title and reporting to you.

Commissioning searches and advising on the results.

Raising appropriate enquiries.

Agreeing contract and transfer documentation.

Reviewing a mortgage offer and reporting to the lender (if appropriate).

Exchanging contracts and completing transfer.

Filing the stamp duty or land transaction return for you (excludes providing additional tax advice).

Registration at the Land Registry.

For joint purchasers, we advise on the ownership options of joint tenants and tenants in common. In certain circumstances we may advise you to engage our trusts team to prepare a declaration of trust.

We will indicate whether tax advice is required to benefit from a Stamp Duty Land Tax relief in which case we may advise you to engage our tax team.

What our fee doesn’t include for a sale or purchase transaction

Tax advice.

Advice not covered in the points listed above.

Advice in respect of any jurisdiction other than England and Wales.

Issues and circumstances that can give rise to additional fees

Defective title issues such as a seller not owning land that they are in possession of, no legal easement to gain access to a property, missing service rights, breaches of restrictive covenants and boundary issues.

Building works carried out without the relevant consents e.g. planning permission, building regulations approval, listed building consent, extensions built over public sewers.

Properties involved in disputes such as neighbour disputes or party wall issues.

Issues with leases e.g. defective leases that need correcting, short term leases that need to be extended, ground rent issues, lease for solar panels.

Issues revealed by searches such as enforcement notices, compulsory purchase orders and contaminated land.

Where we identify an issue such as the above, we will let you know as soon as possible and will have a discussion about the likely costs involved to resolve the issue. Additional costs will be based on the hourly rates of the fee earners involved in the transaction. These will be confirmed in our Terms of Business issued to you upon instruction. In reality, there will usually be a combination of fee earners involved on a matter with an equivalent combination of charge out rates and they will contribute to the matter according to applicable circumstances.

How long will a property sale or purchase take?

The average transaction takes between 6 to 8 weeks from when the contract pack is sent or received until exchange of contracts. It can be quicker or slower, depending on the parties in the chain and mortgage lenders. We will aim to progress the transaction as quickly as you want us to so any delays will only ever be as a result of third parties or factors outside our control. A leasehold transaction may also take longer due to the involvement of third parties such as freeholders and managing agents who are required to provide information.

When we review our fees if the matter has become protracted

We review our fees 12 weeks after the contract pack has been issued on a sale transaction and 12 weeks after the contract pack has been received on a purchase transaction. You will note from the paragraph above that this means that the transaction is taking longer than usual i.e. it has become protracted. At the 12 week point we will have a discussion with you about any increased costs to see the transaction through to completion. Additional costs will be based on the hourly rates of the fee earners involved with the transaction. See above.

Aborted transactions

For transactions that don’t complete we have the following charging basis:

(1) Prior to the issue of a contract – no charge.

(2) After the issue of a contract – 50% of the agreed fee.

Referral Fees

We do not pay or receive referral fees.

Other Conveyancing transactions

Quotes for sales and purchases of commercial and agricultural land are available upon request.