Had an Accident? You have a choice

It is a common myth that if you are involved in a road traffic accident, or indeed any other form of accident, where you sustain personal injury that you have to utilise the firm of solicitors that is recommended by your insurance company. This is NOT the case.


Ordinarily when an accident takes place it will not take long for your insurance company to contact their panel solicitor and in turn for them to be in contact with you.


Often the solicitor will be based far away from your home address, perhaps in Bristol, London or Newcastle. This would make face-to-face contact almost impossible and you may also find that you are not able to get in contact with the solicitor who represents you by telephone or email.


In addition the solicitor is likely to have paid your insurance company to take on your claim, often leaving them with very little resources to achieve the best possible outcome for you.


It is however possible to say ‘no’ to the solicitor who calls you and advise your insurance company that you would like to instruct your own local solicitor. You may be informed that the costs of doing so would not be covered under your insurance policy with them. In fact A H Brooks & Co can offer to take on your valid claim under the terms of a ‘No Win-No Fee’ agreement where there is nomally no cost to yourself.


In addition if your claim does not settle at an early stage and Court action becomes necessary, then your insurance company would not be able to refuse to cover your legal fees at that stage.


A H Brooks & Co can offer a wealth of experience in personal injury claim and pride ourselves on giving a top quality, face-to-face service to our clients. If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, consider saying ‘no’ to the solicitor who is based 100’s of miles from your home and visit your local personal injury specialist at A H Brooks & Co on the High Street in Cheadle and on the corner of Derby Street/Bath Street in Leek.


If you require further advice and assistance please contact Steve Beasley at our Leek office on 01538 385201 or email stevebeasley@ahbrooks.co.uk